😬 Scambait channels 🤯

Scambaiting is a form of Internet vigilantism, where the vigilante poses as a potential victim to the scammer in order to waste their time and resources, gather information that will be of use to authorities, and publicly expose the scammer.

🎥 ScamBait Central

> Scammer wants a Coughing Contest!
> Christmas Day 2019 Premiere (16 mins of fun!) HD
> Nigerian Scammers vs Nigerian ScamBaiters !!
> ScamBaiting Rules & Ethics
> I WAS BUSTED by the FBI! (Well, sort of!) Live Stream 6 Highlight
> 'Dying Widow' wants her MONEY! *Scammer Meltdown*
> Stupid Scammers LOSE IT! Live Stream Highlights
> I AM a MADMAN! Scammer is Deranged! Live Stream 10 Highlight
> SCAMMER takes his SHEEP to Work!

🎥 The Hoax Hotel

> The Scammer Argument From Hell - The Hoax Hotel
> Grand Prize Flip Scammer Gets Furious - The Hoax Hotel
> Slowly Breaking A Gold Scammer's Mind - The Hoax Hotel
> Stolen Identity Scammers Get Dealt With - The Hoax Hotel
> Facebook Scam Takes Weird Twist - The Hoax Hotel
> Hi My Name Is - The Hoax Hotel
> Santa's Sleigh Has A Scammer Virus - The Hoax Hotel
> Clueless Annoyed Scammer Thinks I'm Scared - The Hoax Hotel
> Making A Cold Call Scammer Regret Calling Me - The Hoax Hotel
> The Scummiest Scam I've Called - The Hoax Hotel

🎥 Kitboga

> Scammers Don't Like When You Buy Engagement Rings
> I Called "Silver Singles" Scammers (Dating App)
> Scammer Lost His Mind When I Redeemed Gift Cards
> The “Professional” Scammer (Loses Her Job) - Baited S2 Ep. 4
> When FBI Agents Ask For Gift Cards...
> I Ruined This Scammers Wedding - The Professional Ep. 3
> Scammers Wanted $3,600 - They Watch Grandma Spend It All
> The “Professional” Scammer - Baited S2 Ep. 2
> This Grandma Will NEVER Be Scammed
> The “Professional” Scammer - Baited S2 Ep. 1

🎥 pappamonkey

> Teaching a Tech Scammer How to Spell
> Making A Tech Scammer Angry by Not Following Directions
> Tech Scam - Following His Directions
> Trapping a Scammer in his Own Lie
> Tech Scammer gets Frustrated with Me - Good Buy Now
> I Make a Scammer Angry and Discouraged
> Confusing Social Security Scammer with Interuptions
> Scammer Short Shots
> Pappamonkey's Christmas Special 2019 - Social Security Scam
> Social Security Scammers Really are Stupid